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So most of what goes up here will also be found there, alongside a bunch of other folks' stuff. Mostly music based, mostly Australian. It's a cool idea, and there are no ads or fine print. If you have a blog, drop them a line. Labels: Community Cup , relentless self promotion , St.

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Kilda , you gonna get it. So, we're off are we?

Good good. I don't like the layout colour, though. Stay tuned. Fuck mannn, Sydney's really pulled a rabbit outta their hat with this one. Marketing is a relentless practice these days, fuelled by the explosion of new media channels, but the appearance of a dating site for punks is a minor surprise. If there's no future, why do you want to hang out with a partner? Maybe nihilists do need love and if punkmatch.


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Labels: punk-rock , sid-vicious. Bits Of Shit 7". Hey sports fans , I got a hot tip for you. Posted on September 18, in Uncategorized. Tagged lone tiger lone tyger lone tiger band. Posted on September 4, in Uncategorized. Tagged lone tiger , lone tiger band , lone tyger , lone tyger band. Posted on July 26, in Uncategorized. Posted on December 12, in Uncategorized.

Posted on October 24, in Uncategorized. What's first and why — music or stalls or bars? Music, because we could always keep hydrated in our house. Reschs refreshes. Favourite spot at the festival to chill and watch the world go by? The wall of the cemetery. What would be your entry into the dog show? If a dalmatian and poodle had a puppy, then a labrador and a shih-tzu made a puppy, then by some crazy miracle those two puppies met and did the dirty, they would make a doodlelashihtzu. Aside from the festival, what are your favourite Newtown locations?

Why do you think your music is a good fit for the Newtown Festival? Toilet paper in the bra… e'rrrrry time. When and where are you performing on the day? How would you best describe your sound? A bit gritty, summery and alternative. This year has been a big whirlwind and a learning curve. We played at Canadian Music Week earlier this year and got to do an APRA songwriting workshop and that whole time was a bit of a crazy high for us.

We played Newtown festival the other weekend and that was a pretty special moment for all of us being on our home turf and looking out and seeing so many familiar faces in the crowd. What is the best thing about being a musician? Life is never boring. When it comes to writing, sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. Also, when your band mates smell. Letters To Lions are bloody great and our good mates.

Tell us when we can see you at AMW! The duo also shared with us their creative process for pushing out new music. Read on for the full interview. Canadian Music Week was the second time that Betty and Oswald had come to Toronto and they loved the people and vibe of the events. New music in the works and the duo shared that working in the studio was an intense experience. With the massive amount of travelling that these two has done, they share that as they confront different situations, they accumulate and bottle those experiences up until they find a space and way to let it out.

Hopefully this means a lot of great new music is on its way. As their events are simmering down, the duo has little time to party as they are scheduled to support a handful of Aussie artists including Mojo Juju. They also plan on spending the rest of this year writing and recording new songs to hopefully release a new EP by early The Brighton Up Bar is a curious venue for dancing, owing to the giant staircase that drops down in the middle of the dance floor.

The venue is crammed well before this time.


They cut a nice presence on stage, Claudia gripping an accordion and Pete looking the Francophile in stripes behind a chunky jazz guitar. Vocally too, their voices melting together in harmonies and ghosting each other on backing vocals. The songs lend themselves to being lengthened, allowing for frenetic, spinning crescendos.

Charming two-piece Betty and Oswald are a jazzy, city blues type of band. Neither typify one genre specifically, but rather borrow, invent and combine sounds that tie-in with their own unique musical tastes. With influences ranging from Louis Prima to Tom Waits, the duo wade into an era that is now re-imagined in the music that they make. Their new single was recorded with Aria nominated producer Lachlan Mitchell. Mitchell has worked with The Vines and The Jezabels and now turns his focus to the new kids on the block.

While Betty and Oswald may be new to appear in the industry spotlight, they are not newcomers to music itself. For two months they played shows, while writing and jamming song material. They are becoming a more familiar name, and are likely to be remembered for their smouldering old school swinging jazz tune, Fragile Little Lover. Their debut single will be out on the 10th of November, with their single launch to follow on Saturday the 15th of November at Brighton Up Bar in Sydney.

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The band will then visit all capital cities, and a few regional shows thereafter. How do we measure existence and what is more fulfilling? A life of security or one spent living on the edge?

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Passionate and unimaginable. We are also going on tour to promote the song in April with our band. How would you describe your sound in food form and why? A tin of chickpeas with a twist of lemon.

By Jonita Saint-Leger - Jonita Saint-Leger

He talked about how the hunger he felt could be satisfied by something greater than food. Which song resonates most strongly and why? Anything that captures the grittiness of life. Any on the road anecdotes? Where do you draw inspiration from? A tour, Canada, and probably some chickpeas and lemon. The beach. Tea with gin at your grandparents house. They have the best stories. More specifically, the cat they took care of while staying in Montreal a couple of months previously.

Their self-titled EP last year was a beguiling, anachronistic blend of sounds, name checking jazz, gypsy, and folk. He was such a lovely dude. Derivative, but undeniably inspired. We believe there are few better things in life than cheeseburgers and live music. One fills a famished body, the other fills a famished soul.

When we arrived to the B. The duo took the stage in an almost nervous schoolgirl manor, full of giggles and lots of energy. While it was just the two of them on stage, the depth and volume of their sound felt like a full rock concert. They connected with audience members with tales of travel and dreams that inspired each whimsical and folk-filled song they played.