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EM: Right! I loved so much the way you drew such complex female characters. I was wondering whether if you had any muse texts that you used? EM: It really was interesting, after finishing the book, to go back and look at the ways you did juxtapose certain things as a way of creating a sort of constellation instead of a straighter narrative line. There were all these different points in time, and different types of chapters, and, as a reader, the act of becoming untethered from what you think is happening in the text, and loosening yourself from certain novelistic structural expectations in order to get your bearings within the book, are actually really compelling experiences while reading a novel.

I really appreciated the way you described it in your Chicago Review of Books interview with Greer McAllister , that the book resisted a normal structure. EM: Exactly. So, I am interested in knowing about the craft of that, the act of writing a novel in such structure.

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LP: Well, some of the book was written in my prompt writing group where you can just explore anything. You have half an hour to write so anything can happen. There were all these pieces of scenes that really helped me explore the characters of Jess and the narrator. I was trying to put together a bigger picture of those pieces into stories that then became chapters.

LP: It was, and it helped me understand the narrator but, at a certain point, it really came down to the fact it had been published. But you have to know about those up front. So there was this external pressure that felt sort of crass and unfortunate, but that actually helped me. Then the rest of it was thinking: what does the reader need to know, what does the narrator know, what does the narrator not know, what does the reader know, what does the reader know that the narrator does not know, and then the factual information.

EM: You know, one of the compliments I have read often of this book is that it feels very much like a novel, in that it feels very complete. I felt so satisfied at the end. I felt like I was on a very healthy need-to-know basis and, after investing in the narrator for something pages, I felt good about where she was. Anyway, I appreciated that, by the end, I felt like the book was done; did you feel like the book was done, or complete?

LP: I did feel like that part of her life was done.

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I have to say, I really miss her. I did start thinking about Grace, actually, and what might happen to her. I guess it would be interesting to ponder what might happen to Jess. EM: In broad strokes, I think I know. I know what I am worried about—her becoming her mother, right? EM: Which, let me back up and say that, yes, at the age the characters are in the book, the looming fear of becoming your mother feels so real. But now, as a sort-of-adult, I fully know that I would be so lucky, so blessed if I became my mother.

Her sadness came across so clearly in your small details, like how she changed her dinner order.

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LP: I think food is a really powerful way to express things that are going on in fiction. EM: Right, those fancy dinner scenes were chock-full of emotional landscape to process. So, in regards to the narrator and the reader, we talked about ambiguity, and who is supposed to know what and when.

LP: Of course I do! She has to have a name. I know who she is, and what her name is if that were something to be included in the book. Add the ingredients above to a shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Boil one cup water. Add one cup granulated sugar. Stir until dissolved. Cool before use. Can be stored for several weeks in the refrigerator.

The silver girl sails off into the night

Raised in Iowa, she now lives in Alexandria, Virginia. Follow her on Twitter lesliepwriter, Instagram lesliepietrzyk, and Facebook. Emily Moses is a writer and editor who lives in Washington, DC. Besides, part of what confounds the narrator and the reader, until she can spot the pattern is the way sisters are displaced and replaced in this novel. Sisters act as mirrors, as hobbles, as parasites and sites of conflict. She remains haunted by her invented stories of the Silver Girl, the stories she shares with Grace to keep her safe—which, of course, fail.

We liked that about her.

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Even through all her mistakes, even though she lets no one into her mind and heart all the way, not even the reader, this central character is compelling and unforgettable. As is this novel. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Become a member today. What Brown wanted to do was lay down a strutting, macho anthem marked by explosions of brass and a guitar that sounds like chrome wheels spinning. He hums a melody to the sax player and a bass line to the bassist. He thumps out a beat for the drummer. He watches a trumpet player struggle, fires him, then re-hires him moments later. And when the singer is ready, he screams out a set of lyrics scratched on a sheet of paper. Some of you may know that I'm currently up to my ears in grad school applications. Luckily, posting on The Millions has a salutary effect on me, and also, I just finished a book, so I need to write about it.

Jamesland opens with Alice, great-granddaughter of philosopher William James, having an odd waking dream of a deer in her house. Alice fixates on the deer as a portent of a coming change in her life, and the very next day her life begins to change slowly and inexorably.

Silver Girl: A Novel | Washington Independent Review of Books

The book does not dwell on the supernatural, though it does have a bemused dialogue with the otherworldly throughout. Mostly it is about three forty-somethings whose social and professional lives are deteriorating and reconfiguring. I'd call it a mid-life crisis, but these characters have that quality, peculiar to Californians, of being youthful, unserious adults. It was great to read a book that addresses a somewhat larger Los Angeles than usual. Movie stars are around, and Hollywood is nearby, but they are just parts of the great stew of the city, things that are noticed but after a while not accorded any greater importance than things like Griffith Park or the LA River.

The only other book that I have read that successfully turns LA's flashy side into just another bit of peripheral scenery is T. Boyle's The Tortilla Curtain. Huneven is well-known in Los Angeles as the food critic for the LA Weekly , and the way she writes about food in this book is magnificent.

Pete who along with Helen, a modern sort of minister, are the other two wayward adults is a former near-celebrity chef who is recovering from a nervous breakdown, suicide attempt combo. His character is both abrasive and charming, the type of person who makes you nervous the moment he steps into the room. As he coaxes himself back into the functioning world, he takes up cooking again, and this is the venue for Huneven's descriptions of foods.

It was nice to see that Huneven did not place this book firmly in the world of food and restaurants in the way that many writers tend to crib from their day jobs. Instead, Huneven manages to weave her knowledge skillfully into the larger narrative.

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The book itself is a rather satisfying meal, best taken over a few languorous days on a sunny balcony or sitting on a park bench. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The author she is running, T. I liked this story.

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It was a love story, but unconventional to be sure.