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Is all that about the dark web really true?

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Or are there some serious misconceptions about it that some of us in the cybersecurity industry pass along with a wink and a smile to drum up hype? Cyber threat intelligence is all about getting the information and context you need to sort through threats, prioritize the most urgent ones, and respond to them as quickly as possible — and one of the best ways to do this is to get into the minds of your opponents, understanding their tactics, techniques, procedures , and motivations from the inside.

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A basic human desire: be loved, admired, respected. Be of worth. This is the root of the ego, and if we can risk being overly reductive for the sake of brevity, the root motivation of everything we do.

Top 10 Dark Web Secrets

What drives you in cybercrime? After spending some time on certain forums on the dark web, asking questions and getting to know the community, researchers at Recorded Future sometimes try cozying up to one of their new friends. In one case, our researchers asked to interview a more prominent hacker they had gotten to know, appealing to his ego in order to convince him to share his insights at the risk of saying anything incriminating. The ego play worked. With their friends, with their families. That's likely to change, though, following the release of the Baghdad video.

The platform, which is financed by donations, has announced other similarly powerful leaks coming, including comparable videos from Afghanistan. It plans to publish the entirety of 37, e-mails taken from the internal communications of Germany's far-right National Democratic Party.

According to its own information, WikiLeaks has published more than 1. Those documents include statistics and reports, for example concerning the inefficient financial coverage of the elderly and the ill within Germany's private health insurance system, corruption in Africa, the extravagant escapades of the Thai crown prince, and Sarah Palin's e-mails.

Again and again, this has included material with an explosive impact. There was a report, for example, by German Armed Forces military police concerning the air strike against two tanker trucks in Kunduz, , Afghanistan, last September, in which scores of civilians were killed. The site also published the US military's guidelines for the Guantanamo detention camp.

Documents submitted to the site are encoded when they're uploaded, routed to various servers spread around the world, checked for authenticity, and finally published. WikiLeaks is considered impossible to censor, technically as well as legally. Around legal proceedings have been carried out against the site, according to its organizers, but not a single one has had lasting success. Ernst Uhrlau, head of Germany's Federal Intelligence Service BND , discovered this when his organization tried to take legal action to prevent the publication of a dossier.

Secrets (Web of Sin, #1) by Aleatha Romig

Lawyers working for WikiLeaks asked which law from which country the intelligence service was invoking. The BND kept silent. WikiLeaks published documents online in that implied the bank had been complicit in tax evasion by many if its clients. The bank managed to force the blocking of the WikiLeaks domain ending in ". But WikiLeaks doesn't seem to be content with simply publishing classified documents -- it also tries to give them additional journalistic commentary. The site prefaced the Baghdad video with a short text announcing that the images would show an "indiscriminate slaying.

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The site also published the membership lists of the far right-wing British National Party, including names and addresses in full. What he sees as problematic is the balance between openness and data protection. Along with Assange from Australia, a German has also emerged to represent WikiLeaks to the global public.

He calls himself Daniel Schmitt, and reveals neither his real name nor his age. His task is to allay the fears of his skeptical fellow Germans about these anonymous do-gooders.

The Next Secrets of the Internet

To that end, he meets with journalists, appears on television, gives talks and accepts prizes. Schmitt doesn't care "at all" that some of the informants who pass on confidential data to WikiLeaks are only doing it for their own gain.

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Frank Schirrmacher, co-publisher of the daily German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , believes there is another reason why sources keep passing documents to WikiLeaks in particular. While federal prosecutors around the world tried again and again to force journalists to divulge their sources, or disregarded press confidentiality -- as happened to the German political magazine Cicero , whose editorial offices were searched in -- Schirrmacher suggests that WikiLeaks was trusted because it was seen as unassailable.

It's a perfect playground for secret agents.