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Once you drop us an email requesting a return, we will let you know the precise return method quickly and conveniently. High amount of views. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings. Like us on Facebook. See Details on eBay Amazon. Recent Feedback. See Details. Von Steuben landed at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on December 1, , with four French aides to translate for him and a large dog named Azor.

His exaggerated reputation spread fast. In Boston, he met John Hancock, who hosted a dinner for him, and chatted up Samuel Adams about politics and military affairs. Next, von Steuben headed to York, Pennsylvania, the temporary American capital while the British occupied Philadelphia. Aware that the Continental Congress had soured on foreign volunteers, von Steuben offered to serve under Washington and asked to be paid only if America won the war.

They took the deal and sent von Steuben to Valley Forge. A less courageous or less bankrupt man would have quit on the spot. Now—following common military practice of the era—they had camped for the winter.

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But Valley Forge, their winter quarters, was nearly as punishing as battle: hastily built huts, cruel temperatures, scarce food. The baron found soldiers without uniforms, rusted muskets without bayonets, companies with men missing and unaccounted for. Short enlistments meant constant turnover and little order.

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Regiment sizes varied wildly. Different officers used different military drill manuals, leading to chaos when their units tried to work together. If the army had to fight on short notice, von Steuben warned Washington, he might find himself commanding one-third of the men he thought he had. The army had to get into better shape before fighting resumed in the spring. So, von Steuben put the entire army through Prussian-style drills, starting with a model company of men.

He taught them how to reload their muskets quickly after firing, charge with a bayonet and march in compact columns instead of miles-long lines.


The Prussian Nobleman Who Helped Save the American Revolution

Soldiers gaped at the sight of a German nobleman, in a French-style black beaver hat, drilling poorly clothed troops. Though von Steuben raged and cursed in a garbled mixture of French, English, and German, his instructions and presence began to build morale. And though the baron was appalled at the condition of the army he was tasked with making over, he soon developed an appreciation for its soldiers.

Off the drilling field, von Steuben befriended the troops. A lifelong bachelor, he threw dinner parties rather than dine alone. Washington declared May 6, a day of celebration. He asked von Steuben to ready the army for a ceremonial review. Two weeks after the celebration, the Marquis de Lafayette led a reconnaissance force of 2, to observe the British evacuation from Philadelphia. They stood their ground during ferocious fire and bayonet attacks and forced the British to retreat.

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