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This really doesn't look that good, but Casper Van Dien is still awesome - and that shot of him looking pissed is cool. Jump in. It's the feature directorial debut of USC graduate Mike Gan, telling the story of a misguided crook who tries to rob the gas station. But he gets more than he bargained for when the employee fights back, scolding him with a pot of hot coffee then tying him up to a chair.

The two gas station workers then try to connect with the robber before the cops arrive. And then what? Hickman , Rob Figueroa , and James Devoti.


This seems like a concept for Gan to showcase his talent, and it looks like it has some clever twists. The plot is a bit odd: three school friends ditch classes, and somehow stumble into the lab of a mad scientist lady. There they discover her latest invention, The Vitalitron, which predicts the time of death of any living creature. Tim discovers he only has two hours left to live, so he and his mates create a bucket list that will cram a lifetime into the next two hours. Anyone want to bet that he doesn't die at the end of two hours, but learns a few lessons along the way?

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What an original idea. As he gets deeper into the investigation, he discovers something seriously frightening about a shadowy organization based in South Africa that seems to have orchestrated a biological attack as a means of control. I saw this film at Sundance and it's shocking and astonishing - read my full review. A must see documentary. Alex's Top 10 - 1. The Nightingale 2.

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Vox Lux 3. Into Spider-Verse 4. Shirkers 5. First Man 6. M:I - Fallout 8.

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The Favourite 9. If Beale Street Blindspotting Click Here for Thoughts. Adam's Top 10 - 1. Upgrade 2. Annihilation 3. A Star is Born 4. Into Spider-Verse 5. BlacKkKlansman 6. Suspiria 7.

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Nation 8. Avengers: Inf. War 9.

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Follow FSnewsfeed. Want emails instead? Subscribe to our daily newsletter updates:. Fortunately, they also created a mythology of their own within the parody, building a banal world of mythological creatures hiding in the shadows of everyday life, and they take that opportunity to explore that world and mythology in the series. The pilot episode wastes no time getting to it, introducing an entirely new type of vampire — the energy vampire.

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Scene-stealer Mark Proksch plays Colin Robinson, the fifth and final roommate, a sweater-clad walking killjoy who either bores or annoys his victims into a stupor, draining their vital force for food. Functionally, the show and the film are different beasts, and you feel it in both the storytelling and the comedy. That engine drives the series, giving it the familiar feel of a workplace mockumentary comedy, but with a one-of-a-kind flourish for set decoration and horror-comedy gore gags.

It also provides plenty of fish-out-of-water comedy as the vampires attempt to navigate human politics, the supernatural underworld, and encounters with New York werewolves, who it turns out are a whole heck of a lot less polite than New Zealand werewolves. Demetriou is a standout in her own right, the droll and lusty voice of reason in the bunch, as is Guillen, who deadpans for the camera better than anyone else on the show.

Not yet, but it absolutely could be. What We Do in the Shadows has all the right pieces to become another mockumentary great. It nails the tone of the film, mining incredible comedy from the meeting of the supernatural and the banal, delivering one quotable one-liner after the next, and genuinely surprising with its darker gags.