Hajimete no Road Race (Japanese Edition)

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Yesterland: Dragon Challenge at Universal's Islands of Adventure

Reaching the top requires a vehicle with performance and capability in equal measure, and what better place than the epic Tianman Mountain Road to demonstrate the power of New Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrid. It is time to see how New Range Rover Sport Plug-In Hybrid SUV fares in this world-first challenge, testing its performance and capability, while pushing the boundaries of off-road driving to new heights. After some calculations and consideration, the team began tackling a specially-built test model of the degree angle steps that were waiting for them in China.

Not all aspects of the challenge could be tested, and doubts remained for the successful completion of the task.

Despite the enormity of the challenge that lay ahead, the team set out to China and the day was soon upon them. It was time to take on the Dragon Challenge.

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The first section conquered by the New Range Rover Sport Plug-In Hybrid was the epic mountain road, which is usually only used by ECO buses, with drivers who are specially trained for its 99 hairpin bends. Delivering horsepower from the combination of the Si4 Ingenium petrol engine and 85kw electric motor, the hybrid SUV effortlessly handled the challenges presented by the initial stretch of the road.

The superior handling of the vehicle was necessary to tackle the hairpin bends. Each hairpin bend was a trial of skill and capability, but the superior handling, boosted by the Terrain Response 2 system, saw New Range Rover Sport manoeuvre through all 99 bends with ease. Once the slalom of turns was negotiated, the hybrid SUV carefully navigated the lowest set of steps, bringing it to the final leg of the challenge: an extreme off-road climb up the steps.

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Switching to Mud and Ruts mode and using its combined horsepower engine and instant torque provided by the electric motor, New Range Rover Sport Plug-In Hybrid launched into action. Disappearing into the fog surrounding the mountains during its final ascent, New Range Rover Sport Plug-In Hybrid successfully emerged at the top after a powerful climb up the steps.

The hybrid SUV completed the previously un-attempted drive that included 99 bends, steps and the slow manoeuvring at the bottom of the steps, in an impressive 22 minutes and 41 seconds.

The First Wizards Unite Global Challenge and Dragon Day Details Revealed!

At the finish line, the Range Rover Sport Dragon Challenge team celebrated with a shared sense of accomplishment and relief at the successful completion of the latest in the series of Driven Challenges. In a combination of true capability, the unwavering power of hybrid and the skill of the driver, the team successfully completed this monumental challenge. Explore the vehicle that conquered the twists and turns of the Dragon Challenge and discover the true power of a plug-in hybrid SUV. Liz will read extracts from her book. Refreshments available. Dragons Apprentice News.

There Are Additional Rewards To Unlock During The Challenge

Dragons Challenge Awards Evening The Dragons Apprentice Challenge is an innovative annual Business Challenge for students, typically between 16 and 17 years old. Post navigation Previous Post Our email addresses are changing. You Might Also Like. Community Builder. Community Sheds. Community News.

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