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About the Author Libby Sternberg is the author of numerous novels. Although she originally studied voice at Peabody Conservatory, she ultimately followed her dream of becoming a writer and is now the editor-in-chief of the boutique publisher Istoria Books and a freelance copy editor for a major publisher.

She lives in Pennsylvania. Average Review. Write a Review. Sloane Hall 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. However, a dumb thing he did costs him his job at the studio and a fight his room. His camera mentor Leo Barkenstein gets him a job as a live-in chauffeur to silent film star Miss Sloane. An alcoholic with a mercurial personality, Pauline Sloane is attracted to John.

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He reciprocates as she finds her vulnerability touching. However, he never loses sight that he is a servant and any future with Miss Sloane nonexistent beyond being her driver. Besides John wants back behind the camera while Julia the chef and Marta the housekeeper want to influence their relationship; her agent Robbie prefers torpedoing their affection.. John, filled with anger and loneliness, makes for an entertaining historical tale as he reacts rather than thinks.

The rest of the cast are stereotypes of an age of transition in Hollywood to include a fading star, her loyal staff, her acrimonious agent and John's mentor.

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Fans will enjoy this strong look at Hollywood circa Harriet Klausner. Related Searches.

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Sloane Hall

Praised by Bronte experts. Highly cinematic story.

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Sternberg knows how to tell a story and she does it well Readers have things to figure out and look forward to. Her prose flows beautifully with vivid descriptions of people and places, bringing to life a Los Angeles of times gone by. Fans of historical fiction and Jane Eyre in particular will relish this novel, and readers who enjoy a love story should definitely pick this one up.

As two very troubled individuals try to convince each other of their love, destructive forces work to destroy that attraction. All the characters are well developed, interesting people driven by their desires….

What makes Sloane Hall different and intriguing is the setting. The depictions of the movie business and of social life amongst movie elite during Prohibition effectively take the reader back to a free-wheeling time—well worth reading.