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In that respect, this album certainly delivers.

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And rightly so! The sound motifs are insistent, like this cold which clasps us, and haunt us for days. These subtle repetitions bearing a peculiar musicality, threnodies of an imaginary Nordic folklore, relentlessly bring us back to the sense of eternity which permeates every portion of this glacial immensity, bound to an infinite renewal, in a slow and patient way.

Fragmented voices occasionally interpellate us, but without insisting too much…they are simply…thereStrongly recommended! Undulating choral-esque tones, shimmering twinkling effects, and a subtle plodding but pleasant pulsing ooze the type of atmosphere that I think Tedeschi was aiming for the later presence of rustling echoed noises proves a bit jarring, though, when compared to the earlier somber beauty. When Tedeschi clicks, the results are impressively evocative and draw the listener into a forlorn and sparse landscape. Taken as a whole, the album should prove a valuable addition to your collection if drone-based ambient music does it for you.

The glacial panorama reflected in sound here is not one to dread.

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Nearly an hour in duration, this is a true CD digipack release with professional graphics and artwork. Interestingly, unlike the earlier Cryosphere, the result is far from frosty or alien, but rather suffused with a remote warmth and ambiguity of atmosphere. Meditative and virtually breathing, it falls in the wake of a post-classically drawn landscape cf.

Who took the ice from the isolationism? The effect is an icy cold slow paced adventure through the arctic tundra, which frankly works nicely when its 90 plus degrees outside my window. The only thing that tends to annoy me with this album is that almost every second of this album has this sort of fading in and out high pitched metallic like sound alongside the music.

The name he's chosen for his own label, "Glacial Movement", was perfect to define his style. But right from its beginning, this self-released work is a surprising detour, or possibly the sign of new inputs that will be gradually absorbed in his soundscapes. To be short, the whole disc is bathed in melody, and is largely loop-based instead of featuring vast bottomless drones. The glacial theme is still there the liner notes explain that the title refers to "a certain period in the year when the Arctic winter cold encases everything and the sun doesn't rise over the horizon" , but the atmosphere is melancholic and peaceful rather than one of ghastly desolation.

Now and then, Maurizio Bianchi in his most serene mood came to my mind, along with vague similarities with some Eno or Basinski. Short melodic fragments are looped building expanding cyclic pieces, sometimes accompanied by spoken samples one more difference - human traces! After the initial shock, I found myself liking this album quite a bit, though being no die-hard fan of melodic ambient. I am now looking forward to seeing if Tedeschi will cultivate his more humane side as opposed to the more abstract and desperate one, or try to merge both - which could lead to awesome results.

The second release is a full length album by the label founder's project, Netherworld. The result, however, doesn't sound as dark as one might expect. Despite the theme and the conceptual possibilities of the label and as seen on the Cryosphere compilation this isn't a dark ambient album at all. Many high-frequency sounds and relaxing melodic waves make this release rather bright instead.

What does remain, though, is the desolation of the vast arctic fields that inspire this kind of music. So, as you might expect, this is ambient for those souls who share a longing for that kind of glacial landscapes, as expressed also by artists like Northaunt. And if you are one of those people, this album is definitely worth buying. In general, the sound of the album is crisp and clear, with many sounds and high noises that suggest tingling cold and vast expanses of white.

Soft melodic waves fade out now and then, providing a serene backdrop to it all.

Respirazione & Relax (Yoga)

This doesn't always work well, because they sometimes become too repetitive, as do the voice samples used. Nevertheless, the greater part of the album is very pleasant and soothing. A well placed deep beat sometimes provides some rhythm, as on the title track, which I think is one of the most well-succeeded of the album.

This is not an album that's precisely exciting, let alone unsettling; it's more for relaxation and dreaming, and letting yourself drift off to the landscapes that are described musically. And that it does well. So, this album really represents the glacial side of the label, and not so much the isolationist that is also included in the label description.

I didn't find any obscure or oppressive sounds on this album. But, if you're into this specific niche of ambient and love to be taken on arctic trips, this is something you should get. The name well sixty minutes are enough for that polar journey comes from the Norwegian one and stands for that time of the yearly, if the arctic winter lets the country solidify and the sun hardly rises over the horizon; a cold, dark time for humans in the high north. This polar night does not sound itself however darkly. Coolly and crystal clear it is transparent, like pure ice and from icy light.

However they - also, if some voices have quite the character of a documentation speaker - are hardly understandably, hardly more than echoes of the human one in the white isolation. How does one come from sunny Italy to the eternal ice?

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I'm interested in catch UP sound generated from the nature's flow. Through my music, I would like tons play the quietness OF the silence, desolate darkness and glacial landscapes. This period calls the Saga Altlandis , a name, which reminds certainly only coincidentally of Atlantis, which thereby once would have been found more finite.

Of it one can hold now, which one wants; it concerns two long pieces in music with altogether something over sixty minutes play time, which are not particularly exciting quite esoterisch, but.

"rilassante" in English

Interesting read themselves however the reviews, which are printed on the back that CD. Much pleasure. Light, icily resounding and swinging sounds are under-stored with ethnoartigen rhythms, and in the background, rushes or rumort it rattles mysteriously. Under the steps of a Wanderers - or another… Nature? Sometimes one believes to hear distant voices a murmuring and a Wispern.

Then again howling wind over far, snow-covered surfaces. Rattles, drums and bells add a schamanisches flair, and with something fantasy one believes nearly, noises of Trollen, or something, which one could introduce oneself as such to hear. Who hears it quietly or only in the background, a good part of the many different noises goes to that and sounds lost. In order to create optimal conditions for genuine acoustics, an area with walls was built by a meter of thickness, into the daylight only by a small window penetrated. The result is however fascinating, then all these sounds is genuine, it is actually the ice, which swings and these different noises there and brings pitches out.

Accompanied of the schamanisch seeming singing ENDRESENs, a mixture from sound painting, Gesumme, and something, which sometimes sound after Norwegian, in addition, somewhat completely different one to be could, its own tendency develops: A little magically, a little archaisch, and not completely of this world. Welcome ton of Shipwreck radio. But a mention is probably enough there. Its ice comes, at least at its klanglichen origin, from nature.


Caillean K. One might expect Alessandro Tedeschi's hour-long Netherworld collection, then, to be a relentlessly gloomy affair but, surprisingly, it's anything but. Tedeschi, who manages the Italian label Glacial Movements, uses sampled fragments of sounds from the Artic area to build soothing, hypnotically lulling pieces that extend broadly and unfurl slowly while allowing ample light to seep in.

Apri gli occhi: l'orizzonte ti espande. Rarefazione rigida. Lo sguardo non si aggrappa. Precipita in orizzontale. Il suono una foschia. Ogni suono una foschia di sensi straniti-straniati. Dunque, un'ora di musica per sei tracce che ti avvolgono in un abbraccio gelido ma - come dire?

Buio di notte perenne che spande intangibile chiarore. Cosa importa? This is fairly stock ambience with no great compositional surprises, albeit competently handled. Expect dark expanses of looped tones and samples, choreographed into a compulsive mixture of otherworldly voice-overs, and dreamy rivulets. Most pieces are between 8 and 12 minutes on average, so plenty of time to kick back and chill out to the enveloping, soporific strains of Netherworld.

Various Artists

Well worth a listen. It could be said that it is extreme ambience. Take a deep breath , sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Siediti, rilassati e goditi il suono della tua tastiera Yamaha, Clavinova o Disklavier! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound of your Yamaha keyboard, Clavinova, or Disklavier! Sit back and relax as you drive by picturesque views of the quaint coastal town of Sausalito, home to cozy houseboats.

Sit down, have a sweet tea, enjoy the show. As the tour departs London at 8. Siediti, dimenticati di Carl e goditi la cena. Just sit down, forget about Carl and enjoy. Siediti e goditi i fuochi d'artificio. Just sit back, enjoy the fireworks. Siediti sugli scalini all'aperto e goditi la musica gratis.

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