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What we face is a social and political challenge. And Gore frames climate change not only in social, political, or even environmental terms, but also as a moral challenge.

A call for action and passion to raise political support for Education

We have an ethical and moral obligation to future generations, he says, to take action now. If we looked deeply into what we can do to address climate change, and other social and environmental challenges, we might discover, as Gore did, a vision and passion to do something about them. Moreover, if we really look hard, we might discover that we must do something; we are compelled; we cannot help ourselves when we get in touch with this inspired call to action.

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  4. To see him come alive with the possibility of doing something for the trees and the forests he cares for so deeply is a great joy. More than technical solutions and scientific facts, we now need conscious intention and passionate action to turn the tide of environmental destruction.

    It is that uniquely human action-intention of love there is no other word for it that will enable us to leap out of an old paradigm and into the new for the sake of each other and for generations to come. Rain Forest Maker Home.

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    Contact Rain Forest Maker. Responding with Passion to the Call to Action. Contact Us This event location is virtual.

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    Search for: Search. In order to do this, we have a two-pronged approach: We help nonprofits and organizations effectively engage their volunteer base. We help women transform their lives through developing their own unique service-centered passion projects.

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    Passion to Action Intensive Program This 3 month intensive is specifically designed to usher your service-based passion project from theory to reality. Benefits to Participants Give you the freedom to unapologetically embrace your passion and purpose.

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    Allow you to have clarity and understanding around what makes you tick and how your contribution to the world. Give you the space to be creative and self-empowered while serving others at the same time.

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    Offer a sense of balance while building your legacy from the ground up. Put your unique type of service in action to better the world as a global citizen, and be forever transformed from the inside out. Please wait