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How Leaders Become Self-Aware

The program is also appropriate for individuals who are seeking an understanding of high-level business concepts in an intensive format. Managers who currently hold a senior leadership position may be better served by one of our more targeted program offerings. As a participant in this program, you will complete a project that will provide a growth opportunity for you as an emerging leader in your organization.

The project aims to:.

What do our courses do for you?

You will begin to develop your project while on campus and continue to work on it over the course of virtual module II. You will receive feedback from your peers and instructors throughout your project development. Upon registering for this program, you should be thinking about how your development goals may translate into a project idea. Begin your learning journey by reading articles and cases relevant to each of the core content areas covered on campus. Discover your top five leadership strengths as you complete an assessment in preparation for your initial online program session.

During this first interactive. Master basic concepts in leadership, strategy half day , communication, finance half day , marketing half day , and culture and innovation.

6 Essential Leadership Responsibilities that Build Effective Teams

This module includes daily debrief sessions, case studies, team exercises, and a personal project and presentation. By the end, you will have developed a project plan for addressing a challenge specific to your organization. Topics and instructors subject to change.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Fine-tune your individual project with your manager or mentor, build your developmental network, and make a presentation to your organization. Email This Program. Mohsin Habib is an associate professor of management at the University of Massachusetts. He received the JoAnne Fussa Distinguished Teaching Award from Harvard Extension School, where he teaches courses on strategy, international management, and business ethics. His research explores the relationship between foreign direct investments, factors specific to a country, and the strategy of multinational corporations.

Habib holds a PhD in strategic management with an emphasis on international strategy from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Julie M. As a learning and development consultant at Harvard University, Julie was the recipient of the Harvard Hero award for outstanding contributions to the University.

Margaret Andrews is a highly rated instructor with over 20 years of experience in higher education, business, and consulting. Taz Hussein is a partner in the Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit consulting firm that advises mission-driven organizations on matters related to strategy, funding, and talent.

William Ellet is a Lecturer at the University of Miami School of Business, teaching critical thinking, writing, and speaking. He facilitates Harvard Business Publishing Case Method Training Seminars and gives webinars on studying cases and giving presentations for Harvard Extension's undergraduate business students. As an independent consultant, Ellet teaches workshops on case method teaching and learning and case writing at universities, primarily in Latin America, and for LASPAU, a nonprofit dedicated to improving university teaching in Latin America.

He also consults with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, helping them build their case libraries for both academic and professional education.

She provides consulting services to local and international entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies, leads travel courses that focus on women leadership and entrepreneurship, serves on business and entrepreneurship panels, and leads workshops and training on networking, negotiation, entrepreneurship, communicating across cultures, and persuasion.

Eugene B. Kogan, Ph. An expert in coercive negotiations and power dynamics, Dr.

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Susanna Katsman has been passionate about adult learning and organizational development for many years. She also has a certification in Immunity to Change facilitation from Minds at Work. Harvard Division of Continuing Education Harvard. Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders.

Virtual module I Jan. Future Sessions. April Start: April 14—June 19, Overused superlatives wash out true meaning.

When a leader routinely declares commonplace events to be extraordinary, he or she contributes to a pattern of making everything sound the same. Instead of making rote declarations, explain the action and reaction in simple language. We are still talking about him. His message is one that will never get old.

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We loved him!! Super funny and very relevant. He also did an excellent job of personalizing it to our company. Your message was spot on and even tailored to our industry-related issues. I knew that you and your message would be well received with our group, and it truly was. You really did exceed our expectations. So thanks for making me look good Mark — I feel like I owe you one.

The 10 Characteristics Of A Good Strategic Leader

I gained some great insights to keep in mind as well. Overall, your professionalism, flexibility, good humor and topic were perhaps the most fitting keynote to close out my last LIM, and I am very grateful that things turned out as they did. Clarity without consistent action is daydreaming. Consistent action without clarity is wasted time and effort. Just as the tools of successful mountaineering have changed and improved over time, so have the requirements of intentional leadership.

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Effective Leadership Starts with Self-Awareness

Based on 33 years of working with organizations globally, teaching leaders and observing powerful shifts, Mark has identified three essential areas of focus for leaders in the world:. Inspiration: motivation to the power of purpose Culture: creating an engine that sustains vision and values while achieving desired results Emotion: designing and delivering positive emotions for customers and employees. In this program, Mark explains how five very different businesses use clarity of purpose and consistent action to flourish in their given fields. He shows how they have harnessed and successfully employed the three essentials in their practices and how it is possible to improve your own business dramatically by learning from these real-world examples.

Or what happens when complacency, outdated thinking or weariness stunts performance? What do you do when growth stalls, or when your team is working below its true potential? It is easy to become complacent and rest on past accomplishments while competitors are biting at your heels. You either keep increasing your lead or run the risk of being overtaken by Numbers Two through Five. This highly motivational presentation explains how you can become a Fred … providing you the means to reinvent your business and life through self-mastery, vision, empowerment, and service.

This program is a powerful way to get everyone from frontline employees to upper management focused on the importance of self-responsibility and creating value for those with whom we work and live with. It goes beyond the workplace to show viewers how to enrich their personal lives as well. Is your leadership ordinary or extraordinary? Have you considered what makes the difference? The proof is in the results you get from the people you lead.

Knowing Ourselves Intellectually vs. Knowing Ourselves Emotionally