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GOV collections:. Full Record Other Related Research. Abstract The war to establish cyber supremacy continues, and the literature is crowded with strictly technical cyber security measures.

National Intelligence office wants to perfect the art of security deception | Network World

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United States. We conclude that linkography is a viable tool for cyber security; we look forward to expanding our work to other data sources and using our prediction results to enable adversary deception techniques. Provide specific examples capability names and references that implement these methods.

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What are the limitations of these methods? Are these methods fully automated or do they require human operation?

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  • honeytokens the state of the art Manual.
  • Insider Attack and Cyber Security!

Where in the cyber kill chain does the research or capabilities focus and where does it have the greatest impact reconnaissance, weaponize, deliver, exploit, install, command, act, etc. Please describe all that apply. What methods or research exists for influencing cyber attackers?

Do any of them leverage game theory or related concepts? What metrics and evaluation methods do you employ in your research or for your deception capability?


National Intelligence office wants to perfect the art of security deception

How accurate are these methods? What are their strengths and limitations?

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What recent or underappreciated publications and technical developments are of critical relevance to the development, improvement, or evaluation of deception for cyber defense? Check out these other hot stories: US intelligence unit to advance management of virtual desktop security, systems Cisco: IP traffic will surpass the zettabyte level in OpenSwitch finds critical home at Linux Foundation Feeling jammed?