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Sometimes the magic is inside — on a train you can meet people, and eat and sleep with the sound o….

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Why you should visit East Nusa Tenggara in Why you should visit the Central Asian Silk Road region in Why you should visit Salzburg in Why you should visit Bhutan in Top 10 regions to visit in A colorful brunch in Calgary Nashville's zero-waste retail shop New York's psychedelic immersive experience Warning: these guys do get rather worked up and drop a lot of F-bombs, so maybe not the most kid-friendly production Average length: 30—60 minutes How often is it released?

Each episode is broken down into sections focusing on news, an occasional star interview, discussions with various guests and also calls to correspondents in the UK. Wil Anderson attempts to step away from the mic to allow his guests to talk for a bit.

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As the name may suggest and as fans can attest, comedian Wil Anderson loves a pun. In this podcast — one of many he hosts — he asks a lot of silly and series questions of his guests in an effort to get down to the nitty gritty of who they are and how they got there. Concluded Why should you listen? To get both sides of the story and avoid confirmation bias. This production is about handing over the mic to the killers and pokies kings to let them have a say.

True, what they say may cement your view, but the production is unbiased, keeping an open mind and very revealing. Average length: 1—1. To hear about some funny and interesting folks. There are a great many Australian guests in his arsenal, but he also manages to snag a lot of overseas personalities, too.

Osher invites pro sportspeople to the production, as well as politicians musicians, scientists, writers, businesspeople and activists. He teases out a lot of very interesting conversations. Average length: 15—90 minutes How often is it released? Hosted by Steele Saunders and a swathe of amusing guests, a great atmosphere is formed immediately. After a spot of general chit chat up front, they finally get round to the meat of the show — the letters.

Read out by Saunders himself in a high-pitched voice reminiscent of the boys from Monty Python in drag, the letters and the subject matter are then discussed, and the guests often then go on sometimes-related tangents. Weekly ish Why should you listen? Just two guys, a mic and a lot of conversations about Batman and time travel.

In this wafflecast, as we like to call it, he and his friend and actor Charlie Clausen get together sometimes from the opposite ends of the world to talk about, well, pretty much anything. Average length: 30—45 minutes How often is it released? Two TV personalities having a lot more fun than their regular shows allow. Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb have a great friendship and this definitely comes across in their conversations. It really is like listening to a condensed catch-up chat between two friends.

Average length: 45—60 minutes How often is it released? Daily ish Why should you listen? If you like all their other shenanigans, you might as well! Each installment also includes audio clips from callers in or cutaways to sketch-like sections, so pretty much a radio show but one you can catch at any time!

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Stories by regular people from all around Australia. And the themes are very broad, ranging from our first impressions of people to personal struggles, and from activism through art to chasing true love. The stories are all very heartfelt and, in some instances, you may want to have a box of tissues handy not what we meant, get out of the gutter. The individuals who star in this show are all very varied, too, and no two stories are the same.

We highly recommend getting your teeth into this production to get a slice of life each week from somewhere different and exciting. Average length: 5—50 minutes How often is it released? A different perspective of life and the land. Available in two different listening options whole podcast episodes of 50 minutes or individual stories of 5—50 minutes , Awaye is a beautiful Aboriginal arts and cultural production. Average length: 10—50 minutes How often is it released? Unique Australian characters with great stories, delivered straight to your ears.

The Real Thing can be both uplifting and heart-wrenching.

Using the resources of the ABC, the production quality here is very high. Some of these tales are snapshots of places told through the eyes of several individuals but most are a reflection of a person and their lives, or a single incident that changed them forever. The people are utterly fascinating. Average length: 40—55 minutes How often is it released? People often say they could never move to Australia because of all the spiders.

Or all of the snakes. Warnings of death are not uncommon — especially by tranquil-looking waters that are harbouring huge saltwater crocodiles salties , sharks and jellyfish. It happens a lot. Over 60 per cent of them have never even seen the real thing. Fairy bread is a treat all Aussie kids have growing up.

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So what is fairy bread? So now you know. People will try to convince you that drop bears are a thing. Larger than a koala, these infamous creatures purportedly drop from the trees to feast on human flesh. The whole story is very convincing. The Australian Museum has even gone so far as to make a website dedicated to them. They don't exist, it's all a big joke.

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Aside from the obvious words we've already covered esky, thongs and singlets, etc. Among the most important: 'filthy' angry , 'lollies' sweets and 'chips' crisps. Also, never greet an Australian with the term, 'alright?

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24 things you'll never understand about Australia until you've lived there

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