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E por esto me conuiene de morir aqui, ca en el mundo no ha honbre mortal que me pudiesse dar vida, y esta campana no se mouera, ansi es encantada, por cauallero que ay venga, hasta que Tristan el buen cauallero venga aqui, que me ha de sacar de aqui '. Then, in reply to Baudemagus' questions, Merlin explains who Tristan is, predicts the fate of the Round Table and advises Baudemagus not to fight against Cliades, but to seek Le Morholt, and afterwards return to court and tell Arthur that his nephew Gauvain can only be freed by Gaheriet whom he should knight at once.

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Merlin revealed also the name of the woman who entombed him, after which he was silent until shortly before noon when, in a devil's voice, he called on his father to come and fetch him. A great darkness set in, and amid a rising storm and the sound of many evil voices, Merlin died uttering one more loud cry. This last cry, the Spanish compiler adds, was heard at a distance of three leagues and was accompanied by a great marvel : the candles went out which the thirteen statues representing the thirteen kings conquered by Arthur held in their hands.

And on account of this, the book is called El Baladro de Merlin, que sera de grado oydo de todos caualleros e honbres buenos que del oyeron fablar 2. When Baudemagus, who had fainted with fear, came round, he looked for his damsel, but found her dead por miedo de los baladros 3. He then returned to Arthur's court and told them of Merlin's death. At this point the edition differs from the one. According to the former, the damsel was not dead, but Baudemagus told her what had happened. Then together with her, he went to look for Le Morholt as Merlin had advised him. Morholt killed Meliadus and then Baudemagus returned to court, where everyone, and in particular Arthur, was grieved to hear of Merlin's death Baladro, f.

CV b-c. Most of the details of the Baladro account can clearly be traced to references in the Suite du Merlin : Baudemagus' vain attempt to open Merlin's tomb and Merlin's explanation why only Tristan can do so; the reference to the marvels caused by Merlin's last brait. Even the explanation of the title El Baladro de Merlin, which according to Vetterman and Brugger proves that the Spanish compiler used the Conte del Brait, is in reality based on the passage in the Suite du Merlin where the author says that the Conte del Brait is so called because of Merlin's last brait with which the book deals I.

The statement that Merlin's death was accompanied by great darkness and that the candles held by the statues went out, has its origin in an earlier passage in the Suite du Merlin, where Merlin predicts that this is what would happen on his death 2. Finally, Merlin's request that Baudemagus should tell Arthur that only Gaheriet could free Gauvain can be traced to an incident in the later portion of the Suite du Merlin : Tor and Aglant in search of Merlin meet Baudemagus who tells them that Merlin, shortly before dying, revealed to him that only Gaheriet would be able to rescue Gauvain and Le Morholt from the Roche aux Pucelles K.

Not only is there nothing in the Baladro account which cannot be explained with reference to the Suite du Merlin, but it is clear why the Spanish compiler should have replaced the allusions in the latter by a lengthy narrative : having decided to terminate the Suite du Merlin at a point which to him may have appeared its natural conclusion, Merlin's death, he had to round off" the narrative in some suitable way, and for this purpose nothing was more fitting than an eye witness account.

But in order to do this, it was necessary to describe how Baudemagus came to the place where Merlin was entombed, and this accounts for the addition of another series of episodes which the Baladro has inserted into one of the adventures of Balain I : we are told that z, who has killed Orian, has been imprisoned by the latter's father 3, but is freed by a damsel, Orian's sister. After leaving the prison Baudemagus and the damsel spend the night in a hermitage near the forest of Damantes, where they learn.

The adventures are inserted at a point corresponding to Huth Merlin, I, , end of the first paragraph. The second paragraph on p. II, p. It is clear that this incident is intended to form a sequel to the episode in the Suite du Merlin, where, on account of Morgain's accusations, Arthur beheaded one of her lovers Huth Merlin, I, There is hence no need to assume that the episode derives from a hypothetical Conte du Brait. The and editions differ here. But unless Urien had two sons, which the text does not say, there is a contradiction here, for earlier on in the narrative, both the and the edition state that Arthur killed Ebron see above, note 2.

Baudemagus thereupon decides to go in search of Merlin, and after encounters with various knights, including Le Morholt, comes to the valley where three days previously Niviene had entombed Merlin. Then the Baladro continues with therestofBalain's adventures. Baudemagus' adventures are, of course, out of place at this point, for neither he nor Merlin and Niviene leave Arthur's court until later. Baudemagus certainly appears to refer to this incident, for when asked by a knight who he is, he replies :. Theseries of episodes which the Baladro inserts after Arthur's coronation 2 can be accounted for in a similar way.

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The of these incidents was to serve as a transition between the end of the prose Merlin 3 and the beginning of the Suite du Merlin proper. The story begins with a brief statement that the barons were dissatisfied because they knew nothing about Arthur's origin. Merlin, who was aware of this, told Blaise of his intention to go to Logres to reveal Arthur's.

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The point where Baudemagus leaves court would be particularly for the interpolation, for the French Suite here says that it will not relate any of Baudemagus ' adventures as they can be found in the Conte del Brait see Huth Merlin, II, , and above, p. The portion of the Suite du Merlin where leaves court has not been preserved in the Baladro, only in the edition, and, as we should expect, the statement that the author will not relate Baudemagus' adventures has been omitted see Baladro, f.

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LXIX c. For references, see above, p.

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The Suite du Merlin presupposes the prose rendering of Robert de Boron's Merlin, and is in fact in all the extant texts preceded by the prose Merlin. The night before his departure he had a vision of his death and of the birth of Lancelot. When Blaise heard of this, he was afraid that he might not be able to complete the Historia del Sancto Grial before Merlin's death, but Merlin assured him that if he would join him in Logres in eight weeks' time, he would have the rest of the material for his book.

All this obviously links up with the prose Merlin and looks forward to the Suite du Merlin : the reference to the barons' discontent follows on naturally from the surrounding Arthur's birth in the Merlin and motivates and prepares for the scenes in the Suite du Merlin where Merlin reveals Arthur's parentage ; Blaise's discussion with Merlin about the book he is writing forms a sequel to their earlier conversation in the Merlin, where Merlin asks Blaise to write the "History of the Grail" under his dictation '.

At the same time the appointment which Merlin makes with Blaise in Logres prepares for the incident in the Suite du Merlin where Merlin sees Blaise and tells him that he has now thought of a possible ending for his book 2. Both Brugger and Vettermann have noticed that the whole of this addition in the Baladro fits its context extremely well, and in particular that Merlin's conversation with Blaise and explains their subsequent meeting in the Suite du Merlin. Vettermann, Die Baien-Dichtungen, p.

But what matters most is the fact that the Suite du Merlin began originally, as do the Cambridge MS and Malory's Tale of King Arthur, with an account of the barons' rebellion against Arthur. It is clear, then, that the Spanish Baladro has not preserved part of a Conte du Brait and that the episodes found in the Spanish version only are an elaboration of references in the French Suite du Merlin. But did the author of the Post- Vulgate Roman du Graal invent the term Conte du Brait, or did he himself find elsewhere references to such a work?

Dr. Nalini J. Thampi

Library of Scotland, Adv. In the Epilogue to some. The theory that the romance to which the Suite du Merlin belongs included once a Lancelot branch is no longer tenable see Arthurian in the Middle Ages, ed. Loomis, p. For the author of the prose Tristan, the term Bret was clearly synonymous with livre de Tristan, in contrast to the Suite du Merlin where the Brait is meant to be a work different from the Tristan l.

Later in the Prologue the author explains that he has written. See above, p. Mais qui vouldra veoir et savoir les comptes qu'il a entrelaissiez a dire par lieux, si praigne Yistoire del Brait et de Tristan, car par ces deux livres pourra il tout appertement veoir toutes les choses du Saint Graal But the validity of G. In the light of our present knowledge of the respective chronology of these texts this does not appear to be the case.

Douce , contain an abridged version of the Epilogue. Now the First Version of the prose Tristan preceded both the Suite.

Professor Katherine Astbury

Huth Merlin, I, p. As for Helys de Boron, he is of course, as Gaston Paris showed, a fictitious character op. The First Version of the prose Tristan was written between and , whereas the Second Version came into existence about the middle of the thirteenth century. On the two versions of the prose Tristan and on the dating of the work, see E.

Thus in one fifteenth century MS B. The chronology of the texts does not support this view however. Et si vous dy qu'il oncques ne ra- Voir suite de la note 4 et note 5 page j8j. Sommer 1. Baudemagus who visited Merlin four days after his entombment was the last ever to speak to him and attempted to remove the tombstone, but was told by Merlin that this was impossible : 1.

Le conte de la fille biche dans le folklore français - Persée

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Pitollet, Camille, V. Joseph Vila See: Prichard, J. Quesada, Louise Charlotte Garstin,?

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Italian as Author Raitio, K. Charles M. French as Author Les Idoles d'argile.