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I am an Amazon music subscriber if that helps. Hey Harry, songs and their lyrics are protected by copyright. If you want to use them on your blog and make money with them, you likely have to get a license. If you only want to use them for educational purposes, you can often do so under fair use. I recommend you read up on it and see if it applies to your particular plans.

Choosing a FREE blog platform – Things you should know

Just starting my blog experience and going back and forth between a wordpress. And I could probably throw in some other important things that I would have to do on my own without any previous knowledge. He told me to concentrate on quality content and not all the other ongoing things associated with a custom site. Any comments about this? Hey Terry, your friend is right that with a self-hosted WordPress site, things like security, backup, and maintenance are up to you.

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However, the WordPress sphere has plenty of solutions for each of these areas and we also have some articles on these topics:. Hey Hector, your confusion comes from the fact that there are two different version of WordPress: WordPress. As for GoDaddy, you should definitely be able to set up a WordPress blog with them. They might even have one-click installation as shown in the tutorial. Good luck! I think need a developer to create a blog site. Should i try it? Hi Nick, Thanks for the post. Very helpful. My question is, is it possible to incorporate a paypal smart button on my website?

How to Start a Blog in 12222

Hey Chidi, it is absolutely possible to include a PayPal button on your site by adding a piece of script to it. However, the implementation depends on what kind of site you are running. Therefore, I can not give you specific advice without knowing your setup. Thanks for the above article — very helpful. I have a quick question which you may or may not be able to help with. I am launching a product in the next six months and want to get a head start by starting a blog to get some regular traffic around the topics that this product supports.

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My question is, should I be launching my blog on the domain I have for the product which the product name or should I launch a separate domain focused on the topic areas and then use that to convert customers as and when my product launches? I felt it would be a bit random starting a blog under a product brand which no one has heard of, but I am just conscious of any SEO equity that I may lose by not having users on the site directly.

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners: Step-by-Step

I would suggest to start the blog under the main domain name that you will use in the end. This way, you will generate SEO value for it and not for a separate entity. It gives an incoherent impression. If you are not sure about using the product name as your main domain, you could consider using a company name.

Thanks for this write-up. Please I want to know if i can use use WordPress. OR is it mandatory for me to buy a. Hey Joyful, you are free to use any domain you want with WordPress. The server, on the other hand, can be connected to any domain that you own. I hope this clears things up. Do you have an idea what might be wrong? I ll be grateful if you answer me! Hi Wiss, sounds like your payment was rejected. Last updated: Sep 26, Total: 28 Sound good? Why Start a Blog? When I first started this blog, my aims were simple.

The bottom line? Blogging is awesome, and it has the power to change your life. Let me explain… Yes, you can create a blog for free on many different platforms, such as: tumblr. Plans that are, more often than not, wildly overpriced and woefully under-equipped. The word appearance means layout or look. You can change what your blog looks like. You can change theme, theme settings via customizer and options to edit theme codes directly.

The plugin will add the functionality on your blog website. Note: Uninstall and delete the unused plugin from the dashboard and never install unwanted plugins. Here are some additional tools you can use for publishing posts. You can check them individually. The setting is an essential place to manage your website. To change your website layout, you can easily do it by changing the theme. Here I am talking about the blog website and we are making the best and professional blog webpage so that I will recommend some best theme for a blog.

For your new blog website, you can use the free version as well. Even the free version is amazing, lightweight, responsive and with perfect layout. In case if you need more settings to customize your theme, I recommend you to go with the premium version. Premium version of the theme you will have added theme options, dedicated support, and regular updates. You can visit the respected theme page, demo page, and author page to know everything about the theme. Here we are talking about blog websites. While choosing a theme for a blog website, you need to take care of a few more additional things.

Some important things you need to consider while choosing the best blog theme are,. You may get puzzled while choosing a suitable theme for your blog site. So here are my few recommendations.

How to Make a WordPress Website – Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Use any of the below-mentioned themes, you will never look for an alternative. In addition, there are so many other best and free WordPress themes. Check additional theme reviews here. Now your website is ready with the new design. The next step is to add the content on your blog website. Creating a new blog post for the first time is really exciting.

First, go to your WordPress admin panel. From the admin panel go to Posts and click on Add New. A blank page with some sections will appear. In the title section, write the title of the post, write the content in the content section. From the featured section, add featured image, select the category or add a new category and click Publish button to publish the post.

Creating a post is easy. Still confused! Check this post to know more about how to create a post in WordPress.

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  • Your website permalinks must be structured properly. This is one of the best technique for making SEO friendly blog webpage. Some plugins are mandatory if you are running a blog website. Recommended plugin for your blog website is listed below. All the above-recommended plugin are useful for your blog website. Above listed plugins are trusted, used by millions of users and they are secure. Hope you made your awesome blog website with the help of this post.

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    This post has been written by experts WordPress users. Recommended plugins, themes, and hosting are best of the best.

    Do you have any further queries or confusion regarding this post? Please feel free to comment below in the comment section. I will guide you in every step. Furthermore, contact me directly from the contact page if you need free service to install WordPress and theme on your blog site. Skip to content. Table of Contents hide. How to Start a Blog Table of Contents. Why Blog?