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For instance, if you live in Greenland you are 27 times more likely to kill yourself than if you live in Greece. Between 10 and 20 million people a year try to. Worldwide, men are more than three times as likely to kill themselves than women. Though obviously more than that will suffer from mental illness. I want to talk about being a man. A staggeringly higher number of men than women kill themselves. In the UK the ratio is 3.

This is pretty average. According to the World Health Organisation, the only countries where more women than men kill themselves are China and Hong Kong.

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Everywhere else, many more men than women end their own lives. This is especially strange when, according to every study, about twice as many women experience depression.

Faces of Attempted Suicide - Men's Health UK

So, clearly, in most places there is something about being a man that makes you more likely to kill yourself. And there is also a paradox. If suicide is a symptom of depression it is , then why do more women suffer depression than men? Why, in other words, is depression more fatal if you are a man rather than a woman? The fact that suicide rates vary between eras and countries and genders shows that suicide is not set in stone for anyone. Consider the UK. In , 2, women in the UK took their own lives. Thirty years later that number had almost halved to 1, The corresponding figures for men are 4, and then 4, So back in , when the Office of National Statistics records began, men were still more likely to kill themselves than women, but only 1.

Now they are 3. Why do so many men still kill themselves? What is going wrong? The common answer is that men, traditionally, see mental illness as a sign of weakness and are reluctant to seek help. But they do. We do.

Taking a Child to the Emergency Room | Child Mind Institute

I weep all the time. I wept this afternoon, watching Boyhood. And boys — and men — do commit suicide. A lot of people still believe that depression is about chemical imbalance. And one that has, over the years, been supported by numerous scientific studies.

Suicide and Depression Awareness for Students

A lot of research into the scientific causes of depression has focused on chemicals such as dopamine and, more often, serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, a type of chemical that sends signals from one area of the brain to the other.

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The theory goes that an imbalance in serotonin levels — caused by low brain cell production of serotonin — equates to depression. So it is no surprise that some of the most common antidepressants, from Prozac down, are SSRIs — selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors — which raise serotonin levels in your brain. However, the serotonin theory of depression looks a bit wobbly. The problem has been highlighted by the emergence of antidepressants that have no effect on serotonin, and some that do the exact opposite of an SSRI namely, selective serotonin reuptake enhancers, such as tianeptine which have been shown to be as effective at treating depression.

Add to this the fact that serotonin in an active living human brain is a hard thing to measure and you have a very inconclusive picture indeed. Back in , Ben Goldacre in the Guardian was already questioning the serotonin model. It was always shaky, and the evidence is now hugely contradictory. Others have burnt the hymn sheet and written their own songs.

For instance, a professor of behavioural science at Stanford University, Robert Malenka, believes that research needs to be carried out in other areas.

Left behind after suicide

Like on the bit of the brain right in the centre, the tiny nucleus accumbens. That is the inability to feel pleasure, a chief symptom of depression. Maybe looking at a specific part or chemical in the brain is only ever going to give a partial answer. Human brains — in terms of cognition and emotion and consciousness — are essentially the same as they were at the time of Shakespeare or Jesus or Cleopatra or the stone age. They are not evolving with the pace of change. Neolithic humans never had to face emails or breaking news or pop-up ads or Iggy Azalea videos or a self-service checkout at a strip-lit Tesco Metro on a busy Saturday night. Maybe instead of worrying about upgrading technology and slowly allowing ourselves to be cyborgs we should have a little peek at how we could upgrade our ability to cope with all this change. One thing can be said for sure: we are nowhere near the end of science — especially a baby science like neuroscience.

So most of what we know now will be disproved or reassessed. That is how science works, not through blind faith, but continual doubt. All we can do, for the moment, is really all we need to do — listen to ourselves. When we are trying to get better, the only truth that matters is what works for us. But then I have never tried cognitive behavioural therapy either.

Hell, if licking wallpaper does it for you, do that. For me, the moment of recovery came in April It was totally inconsequential. In fact, there is not much to write about. That was the whole point. It was a moment of nothingness, of absent-mindedness, of spending almost 10 seconds awake but not actively thinking of my depression or anxiety. I was thinking about work.

About trying to get an article published in a newspaper. But it was a break in the clouds, a sign that the sun was still there, somewhere. It was over not much after it began, but when those clouds came back there was hope. There would be a time when those painless seconds would become minutes and hours and maybe even days. I am not anti pill. Michele Tedder.

In most cases, those who die by suicide are feeling distraught, lost, hopeless, depressed, or filled with grief. Are you or someone you know at risk for suicide? Take the following quiz, choosing any answers that apply. Abnormal and sudden interest in anything related to suicide, such as music, movies, books or websites. Without a good reason, obtaining a large amount of pills, firearm or other instrumentality that can be used for suicide.

What is teen depression?

If you are dealing with suicidal thoughts, if you believe the world might be better off without you in it is definitely time to seek help. In fact, those who love you and care for you will be forever grateful that you took the brave step of searching for help before you did something that would take you away from them forever. Asking for help can be difficult — when it comes to telling someone that you need help for the terrible thoughts you are having, it can be even tougher. When you ask for help, you are turning to them and asking for one of the most important things they could possibly do for you.

Keep in mind that asking for help is what your friend or family member wants you to do — they want to you to get better. When you are trying to figure out how to ask for help, there are some things you should remember:.

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